Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Song from Sami Yusuf~

Alhamdulillah~ finally Sami Yusuf has came out with his new song (after been waiting for quite a loooong time). I'm really a die-hard-fan of him. His songs always full with emotions and really touching your inner soul (T.T).

To commemorate this holy month of Ramadhan, and as a thank you to all his fans (to me! (^.^)), he has released “You Came to Me”, from his highly anticipated new album. It is availabe as a FREE DOWNLOAD:

Download You Came To Me(English).mp3
Download You Came To Me(Arabic).mp3

I just provided links for English & Arabic version of his song. If you wish to listen to Farsi or Turkish version of his song, you can go to

This is his video.. like usual, with nice quality and beautiful messages.

This song is mainly about the love towards Holy Prophet s.a.w. The eyes which always dream to be able to see him, in this world and in the hereafter. But sadly, these very eyes which commit lots of sins will never be qualified for that unless by the forgiveness and mercy from Allah.

O Allah~ Please forgive us and don't let our sins bring us away from your beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. We're asking from Your Mercy to make us among of those who will be under the shade of the Prophet's Flag of Praise during the day of Resurrection...

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